July Skip-A-Pay

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*Subject to approval. ALL loans must be current in order to be eligible for Skip-A-Pay program. Loans excluded from this offer include Visa,  Mastercard, Real Estate related loans, Line of Credit and Holiday Loans. If approved, this skip-a-payment will amend the terms of your loan or loan advance. Except for the amendment to your payment schedule, all other terms of your loan or loan advance will remain unchanged and in effect. Interest will continue to accrue on all loans affected by this program, and the maturity date on each loan skipped will be extended by one month.  Your regular payment schedule will resume in the month or next payment period immediately following the skipped payment. If GAP was purchased on this loan, skipped payments may cause a shortage in coverage. The primary borrower must be the person requesting the skip payment. Neches FCU reserves the right to decline skip payment requests at our discretion.